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whats up late night crew. I CAN'T SLEEP. i had like.....alot of coffee.....like an idiot. now i'm wired. I have a fucked up sleeping schedule now. I stay up all night, sleep for like 4 hours. then DO IT AGAIn. WEEEEE

omg i need to settle down. I'm losing my mind. I think......it runs in the family you know :D. ssoooooooo yeah, you might wanna watch out cause i do lose it sometimes. I'm just rambling. I have nothing better to do you know. I'm chillin on penicillin bro. ....actually i'm chillin on caffine. YOU know what the problem is? i stop smoking. So now i have all this unwanted energy. Ugggh, i hate it. I wanna expload sometimes. YOU better fucking watch out cause i will fucking go off any second, I'm a fucking ticking timed bomb ready to go. WHERE AM I GOING.....i'm going to take over the world. what the fuck am i saying? i'm really getting off track. DOOD, did you know i've been on this site for 7 years? HA i'm fucking old school bro. I been on here longer than most fags here. HOWever...the funny thing is that no body knows who i am. hehe, i like to keep a low profile ya know. I don't even fucking own a facebook or a myspace. I am soooooo anonymous. NO body knows about my secret life style on this site....no one. You'll never find me. I don't even exsist really. If the someone wants to get in touch with me, they gotta work hard ;o. Thats right boys, i ain't easy. If you are still reading this, then i'm fucking surprised that you got this far. don't you have better things to do? stop reading my blog. STOP IT. i will fucking gouge your eyes out if i have too. So anywho, how should i end this blog? OH I KNOW,

not really i don't know. this is sad. its nearly 5 and shit.
OH my fucking god....my friend is possesed by a demon. I heard him do somekind of demonic growl in his sleep. should i save him by slapping him in the face with my bible? FUCK I DON't have one....i need a fucking savior. BABY JESUS SAVE ME.

i don't even believe in a religion. thats the funny part ;d

now this is the bit where i do funny faces


the last one was a bunny you fucking faggot. deal with it

i'm going to bed.