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my hamsters

2008-02-16 15:31:06 by cowdog2

GOD damnit!!! my fucking 2 hamsters wont stop fighting and having sex with each other. They're like a horrible married couple that wont shut up. Seriously i love them to death but i don't know what to do. I tried flicking them, blowing air at them, screaming at them... and nothing. NOTHING worked. WHY is it that the hamsters in Petco are so nice and loving to each other but my hamsters are a total mess? SLKDFJLjkaSDFAS!!! SHUT UP!! GOd damn its so annoying hear them scream.


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2008-03-03 12:49:00

Kill your hampsters then kill the milk man


2008-03-24 00:45:56

Get 2 more so they can have pit battles. Only then will ur two hampsters team up and fight off the new ones.

cowdog2 responds:

ha! you know whats funny is that my friend suggested to put a snake in my cage- for the same reason.


2008-08-16 07:08:38

ha ha ha thats some funny shit there man almost as funny as my cat and dog even though there both MALES (BOYS) my dog wont stop trying to analy rape my cat and if that don't work then HE starts bite'n my MALE cat in the neck or if it's not the neck thing HE chases HIM up and down the hallway tackeling him then try's to rape HIM or he just barks at him for like an hour even if i yell at him.


2008-12-31 07:36:29

Try to buy them some mini computers so they-ll come to NG forums and fight online so you-ll have some silence. Also internet kind of turn sex life to zero ... so ... here's your solution.


2009-07-30 10:30:42

Because Petco's are nice so they get out of that hell. A second later away from the store... they change... MUAHAHAHA(i'm loling xD)


2009-08-02 11:25:00

r they still alive? lol

cowdog2 responds:

they died, lol


2010-08-17 00:13:45

I feel your pain. lol i have a hamster and it is really annoying he runs on his little hamster ball all night and it drives me crazy but when i take it out he climbs up his cage like a latter and that's
annoying too.