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4:28 am

2010-12-28 05:45:46 by cowdog2

whats up late night crew. I CAN'T SLEEP. i had like.....alot of an idiot. now i'm wired. I have a fucked up sleeping schedule now. I stay up all night, sleep for like 4 hours. then DO IT AGAIn. WEEEEE

omg i need to settle down. I'm losing my mind. I runs in the family you know :D. ssoooooooo yeah, you might wanna watch out cause i do lose it sometimes. I'm just rambling. I have nothing better to do you know. I'm chillin on penicillin bro. ....actually i'm chillin on caffine. YOU know what the problem is? i stop smoking. So now i have all this unwanted energy. Ugggh, i hate it. I wanna expload sometimes. YOU better fucking watch out cause i will fucking go off any second, I'm a fucking ticking timed bomb ready to go. WHERE AM I GOING.....i'm going to take over the world. what the fuck am i saying? i'm really getting off track. DOOD, did you know i've been on this site for 7 years? HA i'm fucking old school bro. I been on here longer than most fags here. HOWever...the funny thing is that no body knows who i am. hehe, i like to keep a low profile ya know. I don't even fucking own a facebook or a myspace. I am soooooo anonymous. NO body knows about my secret life style on this one. You'll never find me. I don't even exsist really. If the someone wants to get in touch with me, they gotta work hard ;o. Thats right boys, i ain't easy. If you are still reading this, then i'm fucking surprised that you got this far. don't you have better things to do? stop reading my blog. STOP IT. i will fucking gouge your eyes out if i have too. So anywho, how should i end this blog? OH I KNOW,

not really i don't know. this is sad. its nearly 5 and shit.
OH my fucking friend is possesed by a demon. I heard him do somekind of demonic growl in his sleep. should i save him by slapping him in the face with my bible? FUCK I DON't have one....i need a fucking savior. BABY JESUS SAVE ME.

i don't even believe in a religion. thats the funny part ;d

now this is the bit where i do funny faces


the last one was a bunny you fucking faggot. deal with it

i'm going to bed.

my hamsters

2008-02-16 15:31:06 by cowdog2

GOD damnit!!! my fucking 2 hamsters wont stop fighting and having sex with each other. They're like a horrible married couple that wont shut up. Seriously i love them to death but i don't know what to do. I tried flicking them, blowing air at them, screaming at them... and nothing. NOTHING worked. WHY is it that the hamsters in Petco are so nice and loving to each other but my hamsters are a total mess? SLKDFJLjkaSDFAS!!! SHUT UP!! GOd damn its so annoying hear them scream.


2007-12-29 00:46:41 by cowdog2

I think putting sharks in the pool during the speed swimming competition in the special olympics would make things interesting.